Catherine Whited

Leader - Educator - Museum Professional

About Me

I am a young professional looking to start my career in museum work. At my core, I am driven by a passion to educate others about art and history outside of the classroom. I believe that museums are important. They offer opportunities for visitors to take a break from the routine of their daily lives and step into a new perspective, or learn about a moment in history previously unknown to them. They are simultaneously a destination, diversion, and educational opportunity for people of all ages and backgrounds. Museums give the public a chance to contemplate experiences that are not their own as well as the universal experiences and emotions that we all share in life. The current global pandemic in which we find ourselves has highlighted the importance of such cultural heritage institutions. We need these institutions, and I am excited to support them in any way I can.

I currently serve as the Manager of Curriculum and Certification for the University of Texas at Austin’s College of Fine Arts. However, I have been pursuing my Master’s degree in Information Studies on a part-time basis since 2016. I am poised to complete this degree in May 2020. My coursework has focused on exhibit development, preservation, and education. While working as a full-time professional and part-time student, I pursued numerous part-time activities to supplement my coursework. I have worked at and volunteered for several cultural heritage organizations in the Austin area both large and small. I have served as a social media manager for the Neill-Cochran House Museum, a docent for UT’s public art program, and a sales associate and gallery attendant for the LBJ Presidential Library and Museum. I look forward to building on these experiences in this exciting and dynamic field.


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