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I went back to school to study Information because I identified that I loved organizing company assets. I worked at A Street Frames for seven years, a high-end picture framing store in Cambridge, MA, which allowed me the opportunity to grow beyond the originally hired retail designer position. My clients ranged from local retail, artists, and galleries to New York retail, artists, and galleries, and some clients with whom I maintained relationships with all over the country. I organized large-scale framing projects for hotels and gallery installations as well as framing for individuals, such as the company tie from a client’s first job. My goal for all projects was to ensure my clients never needed to reframe any of their pieces because my design was aesthetically pleasing, structurally sound, and preservation level framing.

One of my roles included managing the production of in-house handmade frames to ensure jobs were completed on time, sometimes based on daily adjustments. I also trained our design staff on preservation and aesthetic design, sales, and proper handling of artwork. I was instrumental in setting up, and afterward, managing the company’s large-format photography mounting department. Throughout handling these duties, I constantly designed or redesigned workflow strategies to make sharing and storing information more functional and efficient within the company. It was this innate need to make information systems better that brought me to the University of Texas at Austin’s School of Information.

While at UT, I focused my studies on records management and digital archiving. Much of this was based in computers, but I kept myself grounded with physical items by studying digitization which included learning best practice for digitizing photography, documents, audio, and video materials. Metadata and command line tools played an important role in handling the resulting files. A traditional archives course that included processing a collection within a local archive also helped me to understand the full lifecycle of a record.

My approach to information and records is based on my belief that they are an asset if they can be found and are accessible. They are also a burden if they are kept past their worth, both as a liability and as filler, while trying to find the important documents. Identifying, classifying, and organizing records is fascinating to me. I have built these skills and more upon my established management, customer service, design, and artistic abilities from my years in picture framing and photography.

I will receive a Master of Science in Information Studies (MSIS) in May 2020. I am currently looking for a position within the records management, digital archiving, and digital asset management fields. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions.

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